Red Pill Medical Provider Network

The Red Pill Medical Provider Network provides access to essential information and a network of providers and services to enhance quality of care.

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Please fill out the application in its entirety and do not leave blanks. If something does not apply to you simply enter N/A. In addition to the application please submit the following:

  • Copy of ID : (Driver’s license or passport of individual who will receive payments or authorized signer for the business or corporation)
  • State License/Board Certifications : Copy of current state license and/or board certifications, if any
  • Resume or CV : Copy of current resume or CV

These documents can be sent via fax to 1-888-655-1368 or emailed to

Onboarding Information

Please complete the information below so we can start the process of onboarding to the RPMPN.

Business Information
Please follow the instructions below. Once we receive your application and supporting documentation you will receive notification of your participation status with the RPMPN in approximately 7-10 business days.
What is the approximate makeup of your practice?
Type of Practice (check all that apply)
Health Care Professionals (HCPs) working in the office/practice including the applicant :